Helping Your Business Build Success

One Customer Experience at a Time

At REAM Customer Experience Consultancy, our business is helping you or your business succeed. Whether you need help with CX strategy formulation; CX operationalization or to personally improve and increase your knowledge in the field of CX, we’ve got programs, services, and solutions you need to make you or your business rock.

We are the first CX Boutique Consulting firm in Ghana. Founded in 2015 (as REAM CSC Ltd); our passion is assisting individuals and organizations to develop success in their business and personal lives through CX. Our focus is finding areas in CX where you or your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get it there

Our Symbol

 Name of Symbol: NSAA
Meaning: Excellence, Genuineness, Authenticity
History: According to “The Adinkra Dictionary” by W. Bruce Willis, the NSAA symbol reflect a saying:
“nea onnim nsaa oto n’ago”, which translates into “He who does not know authentic NSAA will buy the fakes”.
The NSAA symbol has come to represent Quality of Workmanship.

Our Motto

Our Vision
To become the leading customer experience management and solutions provider in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission
To provide excellent yet affordable Customer Experience management and solutions to individuals, small and medium businesses as well as large institutions and organizations in both the private and public sectors

Our Values
Reliable in every occasion
Excellent in everything we do
Adaptable to every situation
Meticulous in every request we handle

Our Goals and Objectives 

To create a nationwide awareness on Customer Experience and its importance to organizations and the countries. 

To up-skill companies with the tools required for Customer Experience Excellence 

To create Customer Experience employment opportunities for young people in driving national economies   

To place the right Customer Experience solutions for the right fit of opportunities to drive customer loyalty and brand affinity.

 To develop talents and abilities in performing at their outmost potentials in the field of Customer Experience.