Niche Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your business goals.




Customer Experience

Customer Experience Strategy Formulation

Experience Designing  

Voice of Customer (VoC) Designing

Journey Mapping

CX Maturity Assessments

CX Audits

CX Balance Scorecard

CX Persona Building 



Contact Center

Contact Centre Setup, 

Contact Center Expansion 

Contact Center Realignment 

Contact Center Strategy formulation

Touch Point Surveys

Contact Center Metric and KPI development


Customer Service

Service Strategy formulation 

Service Recovery Design

Service Quality Design

Service Excellence Design

Mystery Shopping

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Service Metric and KPI development



We offer world-class yet affordable customer experience solutions and tools. 

Contact Centre solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions

Contact Centre Equipment (workstations, seats, headsets etc.)

Voice of Customer (VoC) solutions

Customer Experience tool kit

CX Maturity Assessment Tools




Where do we deliver the most?  In essence, our professional Development is for any individual and/or corporate entity in Ghana and West Africa with the objective of improving Customer Experience, Performance, and Quality. 


• Professional Certificate Programs:

• Customer Experience Foundation 

• Customer Service Excellence

• Contact Center Operations


Master Class Programs for Global Certification

• Customer Experience Masterclass 

• Customer Service Masterclass 

• Contact Center Masterclass 


• CX Leadership & Management Development Workshops

• Leadership

• Supervisory Skills 

• Time Management 

• Agile Mindset

• Change Management 

• Conflict Management 

• Stress Management 

• Coaching (CX, EX, DX, UX)

• Delegation Skills 

• Decision-Making


• CX Personal Development Training Programs

• Entrepreneurial Skills 

• Negotiation Skills  

• Communication Skills  

• E-mail Etiquette  

• Telephone Etiquette 

• Presentation Skills 

• Emotional Intelligence